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Game Design & Asset


Comono Design Service

Comono is also one of the leading mobile game outsourcing companies in the Asian market. We provide high quality service and best solutions to our clients for reducing development cost, technical risk and projects schedule.

Game Assets
Beside focusing on mobile game development, we also design and develop game assets such as characters, environments, animations, visual effect, textures and materials for a variety of mobile game projects.


Game Engine

A mobile game engine is a software framework designed for the creation and development of mobile games. The core features typically provided by a game engine includes: rendering engine 2D & 3D graphics, physics engine, sound, scripting, animation, artificial intelligence, networking, and a scene graph.

Purpose of Game Engine
In many cases, game engines provide a suite of visual development tools and reusable software components. These tools are generally provided in an integrated environment to enable rapid game development. Game engines usually provide platform abstraction allowing the same game to be run on various platforms such as iOS & Android devices. Some game engines provide real-time 3D rendering capabilities.

Game Development Process
Game development is a process. Development is undertaken by from a single game developer to a large business. Traditional commercial video games normally take several years to develop.
Mobile games are much quicker to develop than PC and console games. Usually mobile games are published after five months of development in order to seethe performance. The largest mobile game studios can have up to 100 people working for a single game project.

One method for game development is agile development. It is based on iterative prototyping. Agile development depends on feedback and refinement of game's iterations with gradually increasing feature set. The method is effective because most projects do not start with a clear requirement outline.

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2013 Indiegogo Project

About Indiegogo Project -
Sword of God 3D Mobile Action Game
Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform. In 2013, Comono launched an Indiegogo Campaign Project for a 3D iOS mobile game similar to Scaresoul. Comono planned to make a simpler or Lite-version of Scaresoul in the first stage and was also thinking to make this game as an open source project, so everyone who likes to develop the games can use our source code. Even though we didn't raise enough fund to reach the campaign goal, it was a great learning experience. This year, we will try our best to launch more mobile game projects via Indiegogo.


Continue the Innovation & Imagination
Beside APP outsourcing service, Comono also creates and invents different experiential mobile game solutions. It is fun and with unlimited imagination and innovation. Comono will continue our innovation and creativity for interesting ideas. We believe it is most important core value for a company to grow. If you have a brilliant idea, please do not hesitate to contact us and join the co-development together!

2013 Video Clip for the Indiegogo Project