About Comono Laboratory

A variety of creative software products and solutions in Comono Laboratory
Beside software outsourcing service, Comono also creates and invents different experiential products and solutions. It is fun and with unlimited imagination and innovation. You could find the solutions in Apple Store, Google Market or different Web Platforms. If you have a brilliant idea, no matter for business or technical, please feel free to contact us and co-develop in Comono Laboratory together.

CycloTrail iPhone App

About CycloTrail
CycloTrail is the ideal and popular cycling activity App available on the market. It tracks your riding routes and cycling activities. View your recent rides, activities and achievements. By using GPS in your iPhone, you can track your record, distance, speed and time easily. CycloTrail includes several advance features such as StopWatch, Status, Map, Compass, Facebook, Group Riding, Music and Photo.
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CoCoBear iPad App

About CoCoBear
CoCoBear provides you a relaxing and interactive way to learn Chinese language. It is one of the Best Education Apps to learn Chinese characters, vocabularies, phrases and Pinyin. CoCoBear is fun and easy to play. Simply just click, hear, and learn Chinese characters. No internet connection is needed or required. Perfect for beginners or kids 2~3 years old who like to learn Mandarin Chinese. Start reading, speaking and learning Chinese with CoCoBear today! Learn best through play!
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Indiegogo Project

Sword of God 3D Mobile Action Game
Develop and create a 3D iOS mobile game similar to Scaresoul via Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Comono plans to make a simpler or Lite version of Scaresoul in the first stage and also make this game as an open source project, so everyone who like to develop the games can use our source code.
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App for Magazine Company

About Magzine App
The App is for a security magazine company with the latest news, financial updates, product releases and feature stories from the security world's movers and shakers, categorized by sales revenue, innovation and growth performance, Asian prowess, popular vote and feedback.

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Bluetooth 4.0 Library

About Bluetooth 4.0
Comono iPhone BluetoothDevelopment Library is a software package which can help developers speeding up the development process for Mobile Phone & Bluetooth 4.0 projects. With the customized App UI and cloud services integration,themobile phone can connect with electronic devices by Bluetooth 4.0, controlthe devices, and collectthe data to cloud servers.
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Continue the Innovation

Comono Laboratory will continue our innovation and creativity for interesting ideas. We believe it is most important core value for a company to grow. If you have a brilliant idea, no matter for business or technical, please feel free to contact us and co-develop in Comono Laboratory together.